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Doing it my way – up front with the words

There are two things immediately noticeable about me: I have red hair and I’m a Scouser, from Liverpool, born and brought up by the docks. Together the two things suggest a particular stereotype of personality: perhaps temperamentally volatile; prone to a verbal directness that can come across as witty at the expense of being rude; good sense of humour; opinionated but fond of a good argument. I hate such stereotyping but in this case I have to admit: “That’s probably me.” None of which suggests the raw material for a song of the emotional stature of My Way yet that’s where the motivation for this song came from, listening to the radio one morning in bed and musing on how fantastic it would be to pen such an anthem. Immediately the line “I can only be me” came to mind then it was just a case of saying who “me” is. I bare my heart on my sleeve.


Choice offerings at Lisbon's Joycean fest

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Bloomsday flowered in the gardens of the Irish Ambassador's residence in Lisbon last week, on Thursday June 16, not coincidentally the very day and date on which James Joyce set his day-in-the-life-of Leopold Bloom in his huge tome, Ulysses. Hosted by Bartholomew Ryan, of the Lisbon-based Irish musical outfit The Loafing Heroes, the evening was a celebration in song and performance of the words and wit of one of Dublin's major literary forces. Major he might be but he's not for everyone, of course. As Bartholomew said in his introduction to the programme, opinions vary on Ulysses. The book is regarded variably as anything from a literary masterpiece to a load of impenetrable nonsense.

Such a mix of extreme and contradictory reactions is fitting in itself: to Joyce, everyone, every single individual was strange, odd, the ordinary was the extraordinary.. He brings all that to Ulysses. “I've put in so many enigmas and puzzles that it will keep the professors busy for centuries arguing over what I meant,” he said. But it wasn't the stylistic machinations that proved the initial problem. Published in Paris in 1922, Ulysses was originally regarded as obscene in England and was banned as pornographic in the US., It was not until the end of 1933 that American readers would get legal permission to read the book after a US district judge declared it explicit but honest. “I do not detect anywhere the leer of the sensualist, I hold, therefore, that it is not pornographic.” Joyce was to feature on the cover of Time magazine just a few weeks later.

He features in many celebrations of Bloomsday held around the world every June 16. The Lisbon soiree is presented by the Irish Association in the city and is an annual fixture on the embassy calendar. Newly arrived for her first taste of the occasion was Her Excellency Orla Tunney - “Call me Orla”- who just weeks ago took over as Irish ambassador in Portugal. Immediately dispelling any fears anyone might have harboured of the new girl perhaps not being up for the event, HE played a significant part in one of the readings. The future of Bloomsday is still in good hands in Lisbon. ML

In those same good hands is a copy of Red House's new CD Lifting the Lid. Orla can be seen here graciously accepting her very own from Maggie by way of thanks for a great evening.


Nacer en Roma, crecer en Londres y triunfar en Buenos Aires

Esta es la curiosa historia de Luca Prodan, un músico italiano que revolucionó la escena del rock argentino cantando en inglés y en un particular castellano durante la década del 80. Una carrera sin duda complicada, teniendo en cuenta el triste conflicto entre Argentina e Inglaterra en aquel momento, ya que todo lo que sonara en inglés generaba cierto rechazo en algunos sectores del país.


Making capital out of a waste of time

London is a magnet, tourists and itinerants from all over the world are drawn to it and understandably so. It’s buzzing, exciting; it’s full of life, full of interest, a melting-pot of fashion and music and arty farty creative and cultural this and that. No wonder it’s full of people. Ah but there’s the rub. It’s full of people, so full of people.


Steps needed to make us join the dance

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One of the most original and innovative and exciting dance companies at work today put on such an inspiring performance at the Jovellanos theatre last week that they brought the house down, even though the house was, unfortunately, only half full. Such was the applause at the end that IT Dansa were barely allowed to leave the stage: the many and well-deserved curtain-calls went on for a good ten minutes. This was stimulating stuff, contemporary dance at its very best. Yet it’s not even a professional troupe. IT Dansa was formed some 18 years ago as part of a post-graduate dance course in Barcelona.and comprises the young dancers from around the world who have to surpass in some very demanding auditions. The standard is superb.

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