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La música de Asturias

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La música es un sentimiento, una identidad, una actitud ante la vida. Se traslada a cada delimitación geográfica, que le imprime su propio carácter.En Asturias, desde los ancestrales sonidos celtas, desde los ecos del lírico " lied", origen de la tonada, llegamos, en el último tramo del siglo XX, tras la instauración de la cleptocracia borbónica, y en el marco geográfico de la cuenca central asturiana, al surgimiento de una música estrictamente identitaria de la tierra de la que nace , perfectamente distinguida y distinguible .


Out of the flying van and into the fire

The Godfathers' Peter Coyne in action at the Acapulco, Gijón.

‘EVERY day’s a thrill when you’re living like me.’ No matter that they spend maybe ten hours on the road for days at a time getting from city to city, gig to gig, the lyrics in ‘Cause I Said So say it all about The Godfathers and the blood-red rock’n’roll still coursing through their veins after 30 years in the business.


Man on a dream of a mission

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IT’S all about the music with Javier Egocheaga Barro, the brains and vision behind one of the most successful venues in Gijón, the Savoy in Calle Covadonga. That’s to say the music plus - as his customers readily appreciate - his eclectic collection of lamps, pictures, signage, record covers, posters, neon and the myriad of rock-‘n’-roll bric-a-brac that spill across the walls of the bar and give it such an immediate vibrant appeal.


My Old China – a tribute to Chinaski

Chinaski the cat had cultural associations far beyond those to be expected in the life of the average street moggy. Literature and music figured largely in her daily routine, as did alcohol, which traditionally accompanies those two. Chinaski certainly rose above what was an ostensibly humble background.


Fado from afar...

Portugal! Ahh Portugal! The very name conjures up... well not a lot really. I first went to visit a friend, JT, in Lisbon three years ago and at the time, if I’d had to dredge my brain for anything Portuguese-related, I would have come up with the following: Eusebio, C.Ronaldo and something to do with Christopher Columbus. In other words I didn’t know much, still don’t.


Sandro Pineau: Drums

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Crecí entre las afueras de París y Gijón. Tuve la suerte de poder criarme en las calles en ambos países. Eso no tiene precio y es una gran escuela. Eso ha marcado y sigue marcando mi vida. Soy BI, como digo yo: idioma y cultura; pero me frustra no hablar mejor inglés.

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